Master Map Maker Bob Tibolt

Art Map Maker is a company that sells maps created by master map maker and artist, Bob Tibolt. Bob has produced maps for over 40 years. He learned his craft from Van English, Professor of Geography at Dartmouth College, in Professor English's cartography course in the 70's.

Among his many credits, Professor English was General George Marshall's private cartographer in World War II. He was a master cartographer and had the world in his head.

Van English taught his students traditional techniques of mapmaking, including the use of pen-and-ink, mechanical lettering and colored charcoal to create beautifully detailed maps. Bob continues this tradition with the originals, and uses state-of-the-art digital reproduction techniques to create high-grade art prints. All prints sold by Art Map Maker are copyrighted and signed by the artist.

Art Map Maker sells prints on this website, all of which are on display in our studio/showroom at 6280 S. Valley View Dr, Las Vegas. Contact us if you wish to visit the showroom by sending us an email in the Contact section of our website. Bob and his wife Susan live in Las Vegas.