Washington D.C. Map Coming Soon!

We would like to announce the completion of our latest map in the "Great American Cities" series, Washington, D.C. "The District" is unique in so many ways: it is our nation's capital; it was designed from the ground up (so to speak) by a Frenchman, great friend of the Revolutionary Era USA and personal friend of George Washington, Pierre Charles L'Enfant; and its layout includes diagonal boulevards designed to showcase monuments and statues to show our national pride and achievements. Though it was a swamp, it is now the heart of our government.

The map is in the process of being scanned and made into prints. As soon as they are ready we will place this handsome map on display here on artmapmaker.com for sale. This is the seventh in the series. Chicago or Los Angeles will be next. The second and third cities will battle it out for the eighth spot. Stay tuned!