San Francisco Map Now Available

My new map of the North Section of San Francisco is now available for purchase. San Francisco is arguably the most-loved city in America, and maybe the world. It has an unparalleled setting by the bay, with the jaw-dropping view of the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. It’s an international city with a long tradition of personal freedom and free expression. The dining and cultural resources are second-to-none, and the hills will wear you out as you hike around the fabled neighborhoods of San Francisco.

The map is a large format (32” x 55”) piece printed on archival art paper. The projection was restricted to the northern half of the San Francisco peninsula because this is where most of the famous landmarks and neighborhoods are located. In fact, the triangle demarcated by Market, Columbus and Van Ness seems to me to be the heart of the city. The neighborhoods are labeled and will help orient even the most experienced San Franciscan (as we know, you don’t have to live there to keep your heart there). The map has ample size and detail to provide useful information, but retains an artistic character that will allow it to grace any wall.