Master Art Map Maker Bob Tibolt

Welcome to the new website and online store for Art Map Maker. We hope you enjoy seeing our products and learning a bit about us. We were formed to sell maps and other works by map maker and artist, Bob Tibolt.

Bob owes his knowledge of mapmaking to Van English, former Professor of Geography at Dartmouth College. Professor English was a renowned cartographer who served in World War II as General George Marshall's private cartographer. Bob took a senior seminar in cartography that was taught by Professor English. He taught his students in a didactic section, concentrating on map theory and history. He also taught a studio section in which he focused on traditional mapmaking techniques, including projections and image transfer, pen-and-ink, mechanical lettering and colored charcoal coloring.

Bob continues this tradition with his current series, "Great American Cities." The original maps of "Manhattan and its Neighborhoods" in the vertical and horizontal orientations; "Lower Manhattan," "Boston Central Neighborhoods," and "Downtown Las Vegas and the Strip" have all been photographed in high resolution and printed on quality art paper using a state-of-the-art, UV-cured printing technique. San Francisco is in the works, with the rest to follow (the artist reserves the right to define "great.")