Las Vegas Map Now Available

After a complete reworking and challenges with scanning and printing, I am
pleased to announce that prints of my Las Vegas map are available for purchase.

Las Vegas is now my home, and I have come to love it. My wife and I both grew
up in Reno. Renoites typically have a disdain for Las Vegas, and vice versa, but it
is certainly a great, unique city of our country and the world. Forty-two million
people visited Las Vegas last year. It is a genuinely big city with remarkable assets
such as its gaming, dining, entertainment and physical beauty. Yes, it’s true. Smack
dab in the middle of the Mohave Desert, Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains,
canyons and a high desert landscape that is otherworldly. Red Rock Canyon is a
great example of the rich, physical beauty in our area.

Back to the map. This map is a large format (33” x 58”) map of the Strip and
downtown Las Vegas. To represent the uniqueness of the Las Vegas culture, I’ve
included an image of the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign
on the map. It is printed on archival art paper and utilizes the latest expression of
my cartographic style, with thin lines, open spaces and subtle coloring. I think that offering it in a large size can magnify the impact of art. This is a stunning piece that shows all the casinos of the Strip and downtown, T-Mobile Arena, and the popular shopping venues. For anyone who has visited Las Vegas and wants to have a memento that shows them the heart of the city, this is it!